800FME Collet

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 18 Dec 2009 (08:45 UTC)

The collets for the Kress spindle have a locking step which must be securely home in the collet nut before fitting the nut. This step is used to pull the collet back out of the spindle when removing it.
Once fitted correctly, the slots in the collet should be visible to about the same distance as the three stopped ones, and the colet should remain held inside.

When secured hand tight, the collet nut should sit about a millimeter waya from the step in the spindle shaft. Once hand tight, you should not apply more than a quarter turn using the spanner.

When undoing the nut, the nut itself will become loose quite quickly, but will tighten again after a couple of turns (about a millimeter) as it mates with the release step on the collet. It should not take much pressure to release the collet from the shaft, at which point the tool can be changed or the assembly can be removed by hand.