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While we prefer to provide a complete working system to customers, many of you already have CNC conversion projects under construction and simply need some element for your next stage. We are therefore providing a range of the parts we use for our own conversion or systems as Do-it-yourself kits. These will as always be backed up by our support through the various lists or direct via email.

SMMotorLoose Taig CNC Ready Mill Around £1400 See the Peatol site for details
VSDOverview Variable speed spindle
Complete with USB interface ready to use with Mach3
  See pricelist for individual parts
800FMEonMM2 Kress High Speed Spindles
Complete with Taig mount, 6 collets and a spare collet nutSee pricelist for individual parts
  See pricelist for individual parts
Probe03 CNC Probe and tool hight setter See CNC Probe page  
CLStepperParts Taig stepper motor mounts
( Three required - motor is extra )
£50 each Only available from Peatol
Mk4Front 4 Channel Stepper Motor Controller -MK4|3 or 4 channel controller)) with 3Amp drivers, breakout board, power supply and 2 solid state mains switches. Quoted to order  
55V3ADriver MEDW 55V 3A Stepper Driver
Based on the LMD18245 chip set. This provides an economic small stepper driver with the advantage that should the driver be damaged, the chips can be replaced.
A basic heatsink is currently in the pipeline and should be available shortly.

Kit £32 + VAT
Assembled £40 + VAT

See pricelist for individual parts
SMCableKit Stepper Motor Accesories
Stepper Motor cable assembly complete with terminating box, 2mts of screened 4 core cable, and 4 pin XLR Plug. See 180NcmMotorTermination for assembly details, can be used with most wire ended stepper moors.
£10.00 Out of Stock
XLRComponents XLR socket and EMC filter for connecting stepper motor to driver
Notes to follow, spade terminals only part of DivisionMaster kit.
£6.00 Out of Stock

Fully configured ITX based computer complete with Mach3

£475 Additional parallel port will be an extra £50
  Mach3 Licence complete with single screen display, and configuration files for Taig and MEDW controllers. £150 Out of Stock

Due to the heavy weight of some of these packages, shipping will be quoted on request. Shipping to Europe (outside the UK) or the Rest of the World may not be practical for some of the bulkier items. Personal delivery or collection can be arranged in conjunction with training if you require.