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Currently we do not have any base machines available. We are working on trying to get a cut down package available from the US which saves on shipping and duty, and can supply a 220/240V CNC controller package and spindle which simply bolts on.

The MicroMill is based on Taig CNC ready mill and whil we still provided full support for the MicroProto based systems, we currently supply a version using our own 4 channel controller with 3Ncm motors. This provides a more economic solution since it cuts out transport costs, and gives performance similar to the closed loop DSLS3000 without it's quirks at a price better than an imported 2000LE system and with the flexability of interface options to the computer.

We still maintain and repair all Taig based systems as required. Microproto Control System Versions. We have new added some notes on the differences between the Taig/Microproto controller and other Bipolar controllers

  mill-in-a-box 2000LE. CUT OUT DSLS1a Subplate 1  
  Mill-in-a-box 2000LE 3000 MicroMill Extras  

The basic machine provides a machining footprint of 30cm by 15cm with a working height of 15cm, however then spindle can be repositioned allowing a greater working hight in the case where additional work holding has been introduced, such as the forth axis rotary table, or custom hold down jigs. This also removes the restrictions on what spindle is uesd on the machine, and currently there are two options, with a conventional ER16 collet spindle powered by a 250W variable speed motor providing '0' to 10,000 RRM and a Kress Kress High Speed Spindles providing 10 to 30 thousand RPM. Both provide very acurate tool holding and come with a range of collet sizes.

In order to provide a fully stand alone machine we have the option of adding an ITX based small profile computer and LCD screen already configured with the relevant software. In the Industria version this will be fully integrated, so that when we deliver a machine it is just a case of plug in and switch on.

4 Channel Stepper Motor Controller

Kress High Speed Spindles

Variable speed spindle motor

ITX based small profile computer

Taig Mill Spares

Micromill Support available from MEDW

Notes on Micromill Maintenance