DMSuper User Manual

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Sep 2014 (16:07 UTC)

Working through the settings in the parameters menu we need to observe the following differences over the basic DivisionMaster manual. DivisionmasterManual-LSCES

Max Amps and Idle Amps are redundant. The current is set by using switches 1 to 3 on the driver, giving 1Amp up to 4.2Amps. Settings are shown on the cover of the driver. Switch 4 on the driver enables the half current mode when the driver is not moving the motor. The enable for the driver is left unconnected, so that the driver is active while the mains are on. As a result, it is best to leave the half current mode enabled.

  1.00A 1.43A 1.91A 2.37A 2.84A 3.31A 3.76A 4.20A
SW3 on on on on off off off off
SW2 on on off off on on off off
SW1 on off on off on off on off

The basic DivisionMaster provides a half step driver, so the settings are geared to that, and the more powerful driver can be set to half stepping as well, leaving the basic steps per degree the same, but 1/4 or 1/8 stepping will provide a smoother operation and only requires that the Worm ratio is adjusted accordingly. With a 90to1 worm, quarter stepping requires the worm ration to be set to 180, and 1/8th goes to 360. 2 times and 4 times the actual worm ratio. HP5042 UK has more information on the stepper driver module.

+ve Move, Divisions and Degrees settings remain the same as the original, with +ve move determining which way the table rotates for +ve movement, and the other values reflect the last settings from Divisions and Degrees mode.

The speed of movement will obviously need to be increased it if a microstepping mode is selected on the driver. We need twice as many pulses in quarter stepping mode to move the same distance. Currently I've only played with quarter stepping, but the following table will be expanded as we get more data.

  Normal 1/4 Step 1/8 Step
Slow Min 0200 0400  
Slow Max 0400 1000  
Slow Ramp 08 02  
Fast Min 0350 1000  
Fast Max 0700 4000  
Fast Ramp 08 01  

Since the Backlash value is in steps, this will need to be doubled or quadrupled for the fine step settings.