EAS-UHU Servo Board

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ATtiny2313 microcontroller based.
Drives standard brushed servo motors with encoders using an enhanced PID algorithm.
PWM current and speed control for quiet motor running.
Using standard IRF540N FETs, 60volt 20amp servo motors can be driven by the servo board. Higher output current and voltage can be utilized by installing more rugged TO-220 size FET's.*
Adjustable servo motor current limit.
Optoisolated step and direction inputs.
Up to 250,000 steps/second for fast motor RPM.
Emergency STOP and ERROR terminals.
Parameterized P-I-D, adjustable tracking error and step multiplier via serial interface. Parameters stored in EEPROM
Onboard 5Volt regulator for encoder.
4x quadrature decoder interface.
Realtime graphical software provided for servo tuning.
LED indicators for power, OK, error and current limit.
HEATSINK is required, but is not included in the kit!

Next job is to actually build one and create the construction guide. 

EAS UHU Servo board UHU Servo Driver PCB

( PCB's are available direct from EAS at $10 + shipping )
£14.00 Out of stock ... order direct from EAS Electronics

EAS UHU Servo Driver PCB and Component Set ( EAS-UHU Kit )
Without with programmed PIC - obtain direct from Uli's web site
Or use with the enhanced software of the Olsson daugtherboard module

Kit is supplied with 100V 20Amp FET's. Please email for other options.

£54.00 Out of stock ... no plans to rekit.
Servo processor module UHU Servo Upgrade Daughterboard
From Henrik Olsson
£27.50 Out of stock ... no plans to rekit.
  Bound Hard Copy User Manual including a schematic and a copy of the Construction Guide £7.50 (£9.00 inc VAT) Coming soon - see site for details
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