Shumatech DRO Front Mount

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 28 May 2010 (13:09 UTC)

The original DRO350 was mounted off the back panel of the box. Part of the resaoning was that you were then pressing buttons against something. This arangement has always been a little difficult to 'adjust' so that the buttons did not stick. With the increased number of cables required for the DPU550 and DRO550, new boxes are being supplied with countersunk screws and spacers to mount the board off the front. Using countersunk screws ensures that they will not be 'pulled' out of the plastic bosses.

DROFrontMountCS DROFrontMountBolt DROFrontMountInside DROFrontMountSpacer

The precess is simply to drill out the 6 front bosses with a 3mm drill, and then countersink from the front. Three spacers would seem to be about right, but this can be adjusted as required. The board is then mounted onto the remaining thread of the screw using a shakeproof washer, and an additional nut.


Given the close proximity of some of the extra connectors to the pillar positions, this seems a quite sensible change to make.