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Breakout Boards

With the current exchange rate we have decided not to bring more boards in from the USA. Information and support for the CNC4PC product is still available on the CNC4PC Breakout Boards page and information will be expanded for reference. In the meantime we have been working to produce products more suitable for the packages we wish to produce. There are a number of new designs in the pipeline, but the first is a breakout board design to dovetail with the CNC conversion kit for the Taig mill.

MEDW0010 Breakout Board

MEDW0010Assembly This board is designed for use with the Chinese stepper drivers which have isolated inputs, so provides level buffering of drive signals. In order to provide a safe interface to the machine, it provides both charge pump and interlocked stop signals to prevent availability of the output drives until both Mach3 and the interface are ready. The board also provides the option for an isolated analogue output to compliment the spindle on/off control. As will be seen from the picture, it is designed to be mounted to the back of a panel, and features an overlay for led designation and stop / reset buttons.
MEDW0010 BoardComp Bare Printed Circuit Board   Currently out of production.
MEDW1000 FrontPanelOverlay Front panel Overlay    
MEDW0010 BaseKit Basic component kit ( Including PCB )    
MEDW1000 FrontPanelOverlay Isolated Analogue Output Option    
  Repair Service - If you need help building it    
MEDW0010 ExternalCableSet Cable Set
(2mt Plug to Plug parallel port cable and USB to bear end cable with 9 Way 'D' Plug)
DIYCableSet DIY Internal Cable Set
Pin headers and cables for connections to the Breakout Board - 60cm open ended wires.
4 off 4 way cables with 4 wires ( orange can be fitted for either polarity of enable signal, 5 additional wires for power or extra outputs, 4way and 5way plug and 5 spare crimp terminals

MEDW0011 Opto Breakout Board

Opto Breakout Board Mk1 The is the base for a range of expandable breakout boards with direct or fully isolated inputs. The first of these will be available soon.

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Stepper Motor Drivers

MEDW 55V 3A Stepper Driver



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