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Econo-Probe Electronic 3D Probe & Tool Height Setter

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 16 Jan 2021 (16:10 UTC)


The Econo-Probe may be inexpensive, but it's far from being cheaply built.  Designed and manufactured by Wildhorse Innovations especially for the home machinist and small machine shop, this probe has the quality of products twice its price.  This 3-Axis touch probe can also be used as a tool height setter.  Conversion from the touch probe mode to the tool height setter mode can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

We have had the drawing for a similar design probe on the website for some time. Designed using the proven 3 point kinematical support concept, this rugged probe has adjustment screws to maintain accuracy over time.  Repair is easy in the event of a machine crash.  The probe is designed so that the low cost, easily replacable plastic contactor is sacrificed before extensive damage can occur.

The Econo-Probe interfaces easily to DROs and CNC systems.  The interface is a simple 3 conductor stereo plug.  The Econo-Probe interfaces with any device that uses a 3.5mm stereo jack.  Adapters are readily available for devices requiring a different physical interface.

Visit Wildhorse's Technical Documents page for information on building, installing and aligning the Econo-Probe.

Information on using the probe is under development, and a note on connection to DRO350/550 is also being sorted.

Probe03 Fully Assembled Probe with 8mm Shaft £90 Current out of stock, awaiting new delivery.
ProbeKit Kit of parts to build probe ( Construction sequence video's ) No longer available Wildhorse is only supplying finished units nowadays.
ProbeTip01 Spare Tip for Econo-probe - Standard Length (2") with 1/8" ball £11 Current out of stock, awaiting new delivery.
SmallTip Spare Tip for Econo-probe - Stubby Length (1") with 1/8" ball £11 Current out of stock, awaiting new delivery.
ProbeContact03 Contact assembly for Econo-probe £11 Out of Stock
  EXTRA for European Insured Delivery ( International Signed For ) £8.00 Not AVailable
  Overseas buyers please go direct to Wildhorse in the US ---- N/A

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