Conversion Dongles

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 21 Jan 2019 (08:43 UTC)

Les Jones has produced a set of PIC code to provide a conversion from the new remote display style scales that provide a MiniUSB cable from the read head. More details on this are provided on the Installation Guide. Given the small number of components used, it's easier simply to supply finished modules than it is to do a kit, so only finished dongles with the USB connector will be available initially.

Paypal adds carriage, but does not get it right so we need so adjust things for overseas delivery - see bottom of page.

QCCbarepcb QCC100 Bare Board £1.00
QCC100Kit QCC100 Internal Kit - Complete with programmed PIC £9.00
hr QCC100Kit QCC100 Jenix Cable Link
A QCC100 module complete with Mini-Din Plug to bear end - Please order Jenix Plug with your scale order as we can not currently source them separately ( Socket on Jenix scale cable )
hr QCC100Kit QCC100 9WayD Cable Link
A QCC100 module complete with Mini-Din Plug and 9Way 'D' Socket for GS series scales
21bitDongle-Asm 21bit Convertor with MiniUSB socket
A QCC100 module programmed with 21bit protocol conversion software complete with Mini-USB socket for internal installation
It is designed to be used on a modified DRO350 which is providing a 3.3V scale supply rather than 1.5V (resistor supplied with kit). The two can be mixed by providing a second regulator, but it is probably easier simply to change all scales at once. 21bit Dongle

Shipping will be added to the order up to £10.00 - please add the additional shipping for Europe (outside the UK) or the Rest of the World.
Paypal will produce a total in your preferred currency at their current conversion rate.

Contact me direct for alternative prices, packages, or the additional parts listed in the complete parts list Lester Caine