DMSuper Construct

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 09 Dec 2012 (21:18 UTC)

While currently only available finished, the plan is that it will also be available as a kit. The main controller board is populated with just the PIC and other bits needed to get it working. This is documented on the Controller only build page.The 5V regulator is replaced with a 'high voltage' unit which can be powered direct from the 45V supply. The mains side can be wired 110V or 220V rather than making it switchable. Documentation on how the setup needs to be modified to use the additional micro-stepping options is on the DMSuper User Manual page.


The construction gallery has images of the various elements, and this will be expanded as time permits.

As a little aside, machining the diecast box required some experimenting with cutters and cutting speeds. The 3mm single flute aluminum cutter does a good job, provided it's not pushed too hard, at which point it just breaks. Cutting speeds which are working nicely as can be seen from the machining pictures are 10k spindle speed on the Kress, with 600mm/min plunge and 200mm/min feed. I'm sure that speeds could be taken up but having broken one cutter I did not want to push things too much more, and the panels only took 5 minutes to machine.