Kress High Speed Spindles

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With the take over of Kress by AMB, prices have changed again, and the current exchange rate does not help with keeping a competitive price, so we have decided to stop stocking the spindles, and just keep stock of consumables such as collets and brushes for quicker local deliver. DamenCNC use UPS for delivery and so it's only an extra day to get the kit from Holland anyway.. FM530 FM800 FM1050 User Manual

In addition to a more accessible speed control, the business end also includes a spindle lock to remove the need for juggling two spanners to tighten and loosen the collet. Although you still need three hands to hold the cutter, spindle lock and collet spanner. The new unit still uses the same collets, which while a little more difficult to extract from the nut, provide an accurate location with negligible run-out. We will be supplying the unit with an 8mm collet, which is inculded as standard. 1/4", 6mm and 3mm collets are also available along with additional clamping nuts so that you can leave the collet and nut assembled for easier tool changes. Notes on tightening the collets are provided here.

Taig 42mm Spidle Mount with Motor

Kress FME800 High speed spindle 220V
10k to 30k 800Watt self contained unit

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FME1050 Kress FME1050-1 High speed spindle 220V
5k to 25k 1050Watt self contained unit

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FME1050 Kress FME1050-P High speed spindle 220V
Uses ER16 collets rather than the proprietary Kress ones
5k to 25k 1050Watt self contained unit

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Kress Mount Mk3 Subject to a design change - again
Taig high speed spindle mount
Kit includes a 25mm spacer for extending the range of the Y axis which provides an improved distance of the spindle from the column, and increases the Y axis workspace.
£65.00 Currently out of stock
42mmMountBlock 42mm motor mount - designed to be used with other z axis mounts. £35.00 Currently out of stock
  Kress have changed the way they supply collets. Now you have to take a Nut with the collet, so all our collets now include a nut.    
Collet Kress Collet 1/4" (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Kress Collet 6mm (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Kress Collet 5mm (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Kress Collet 4mm (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Kress Collet 1/8" (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Kress Collet 3mm (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Kress Collet 3/32" (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Kress Collet 2mm (with Nut) £24.00 Currently out of stock
Collet Nut Kress Collet Nut £14.00 Currently out of stock
Brushes Pair of Kress FM800 Spare Brushes.
Follow this link for notes on replacing the brushes
Keep as a pair as one brush contains a sprung insert which lifts the brush when worn down to the maximum level. When a spindle stops after a lot of use it is normally that the brusjes have warn down to their maximum safe level. Removing the insert and continuing will invaldate the warranty.
Buy Direct AMB (Kress) Spare Brushes Pair
Brushes Pair of Kress FM940 Spare Brushes
Spares for the older Kress spindle.
£10.50 Currently out of stock
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Outside of the United Kingdom
£16.00 Not available

Overseas Insured Delivery
Rest of world outside Europe ( International Signed For )
PLEASE CONTACT US FOR SHIPPING ON THE 1050-1 as this is over the 2kg limit for airmail.

£30.00 Not available

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