MEDW 55V 3A Stepper Driver

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 14 Jan 2021 (18:59 UTC)

As an alternative to the EAS microstep driver we have put together our own stepper motor driver based on the LMD18245. The same chip used in the EAS Microstep board, but packaged with opto-isolation, and a selectable microstep setting. Boards and kits are now in stock and the Construction guide is now on line.

55V3A Assembled

55V3ADriver 55V3ADriverKit


55V3ADriverKit 3A Stepper Driver Full Electronics Kit £32+VAT Out of stock
55V3A Assembled 3A Assembled Stepper Driver £40+VAT Out of stock
MEDW0011 Schematic Construction guide including a schematic and a copy of the users manual £5+VAT TBA