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Watch this space for the latest small computer package

D1800B-ITX(L2) D1800B-ITX(L3)

Take the pain out of setting up a machine control computer for your CNC machines. Mach-in-a-box is a small profile ITX based computer which we supply ready configured with a stripped down version of Windows 7 (32bit!) and a fully licensed copy of the latest Mach3. We are now using D1800B-ITX motherboard which has an Intel Dual Core processor but only has a PCIE1 expansion port unlike older ITX boards which had a full PCI slot. It is based round a 2.41Ghz J1800 dual core processor. This machine will provide a tidy package which can be installed with your CNC machine. Profile files are provided for a number of CNC breakout boards, and ready configured systems, such as the MicroMill or the C11 multipurpose breakout board.

Model Name: D1800B-ITX (RoHS Compliant) D1800B-ITX User Guide

Processor: 2.41GHz Intel J1800 Processor

Memory: DDR3 2x2GB SODIM

Audio: 5.1 CH HD Audio (Realtec ALC662) - Normally Disabled

Video: Intel Gen7 Graphics

Peripheral interfaces:

  • Five USB 2.0 ports
  • One USB 3.0 ports - on back
  • Two SATA ports (3.0 GB/s)
  • One serial port
  • One parallel port - ECP/EPP
  • PS/2* keyboard and mouse ports

Expansion capabilities: One PCI Express 2x1 Slot but not available with current case.

As the motherboard is fanless, a Solid State Disk continues the motorless configuration. Currently a 64Gb disk is included as smaller disks are actually more expensive.

The case still uses a fan cooled power supply, but as the current model is no longer available, alternatives are being looked for.


The basic controller can be supplied with a number of options for keyboard and display or stand alone if you already have a suitable donor setup.

The recommended arrangement is a 19” 4:3 LCD screen and wired keyboard, but wide screen monitors are now more readily available.

A fully configured package with LCD screen will be £500 and when supplied with a MicroMill or upgrade package that already includes the Mach3 license this will drop to £400. The package supplied without the LCD display will be £50 less.

All recent boxes have been supplied Dual Boot with LinuxCNC (EMC2) and we are looking to support that as an alternative to Mach3. This is likely to be £100 cheaper than the Mach3/XP version. Watch is space for progress

(Shipping on this is £25 or we can deliver and install along with some training at an amount to be agreed)

Please note, parts may be replaced with equivalent or better alternatives as the availability of components is changing monthly, finding suitable replacements for the long established Morex case which is in short supply, and a suitable motherboard has been much more of a problem is time around.