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3" Burrell Agricultural Engine

Project drawings While the bulk of the components to make up the engine are now 'on the shelf', and the boiler is maturing nicely, lack of time has been preventing progress. Work has also been hindered by the damage to both sets of drawings during the floods last year. While not under water, the damp conditions have resulted in many of the drawings becoming unreadable, hence the move to copy the information into TurboCAD. In addition a little external help is being utilised to hopefully bring the engine to a running state over the next couple of years. The gallery of pictures will expand as the work progresses.

5" Gauge Springbok Locomotive

The chassis for this was acquired some time ago and is now in a state where a boiler is the next step, but funds are being directed to completing the Burrell first with the intention of obtaining a boiler for the Springbok once we have steamed the Burrell. In the meantime the drawings for the Springbok were stored along with all the other drawings and now need copying, something that can be done without the expenditure of money - only time. So these will also appear as they are processed. In the meantime, documentation from the original ME articles is now available along with a new set of drawing.

Isle of Man Railway

Over the last few years, birthday and christmas presents have consisted of items from the Acucraft and Viking 15mm Scale Isle of Man Railway model series, and up until now these have sat on the shelf along with other similar sized buys from ebay. A short circuit of track has been laid down from tiem to time in the lounge, but this does not allow the engines to really perform, so now the garden track is slowly taking shape. It is planned as a portable structure, so it can be dismantled as required, and a permanent route around the garden will need a lot more track yet. Picture Gallery

InitialLayout TrackBigOval
Initial layout - and the main loop with the sections glued together, and the track secured.
Links to Garden Railway Sites.

N Gauge Railway Layout

Project pictures In order to check out various model railway related kit packages, we are in the process of putting together an N gauge layout with various controlled elements. Hopefully at some time we may have a web cam diaplay of the system and on line control as has been demonstarted by a number of internet model railway sites. But don't hold your breath, other work is taking a much higher priority. My collection of N Gauge kit is slowly growing.

Other project work

A set of galleries images relating to all project work can be I have been building a library of ProjectSources This comes under the banner of the website, the content of which is slowly being moved over to this more modern framework. Once completed, the site search facility will allow you to find material very much quicker. In parallel with the information on model projects, a library of information is slowly evolving with information of the full size protoypes currently existing in preservation. This is tabulated by manufacturer, and currently since my own interest is in the Burrell units, this is the most complete section.  Model Traction Engines Prototypes and there is also my cross reference to ME Burrell References and we are slowly building an index to ME Projects Index many of which have also been scanned, but for obvious reasons can't be published.

This section of the site is intended to be a repository for useful project information, so if anybody has material that they thing would be useful, please forward it and we can add it either here or in one of the file or image galleries.