Shumatech DPU550 Prices

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 26 Jan 2013 (07:37 UTC)

We are now out of stock on these boards. Only the DRO550 is available as an upgrade from the DRO350.

dpu-550-lite-unassembled DPU550 Lite
( Needs the Lite component kit below to complete )
---- No longer available
dpu-550-lite-accessory DPU550 Lite Board with Component Kit - DPU550 Lite Component Kit
- Kit supplied with turned pin socket header. All 350 kits supplied over the last few years have turned pin sockets fitted, and the turned pin socket header can simply be plugged in without having to unsolder anything on the DRO350
Component set is RoHS compliant
---- No longer available
dpu-550-lite DPU550 Lite - Assembled and programmed
Please allow a few extra days for assembly and test.
---- No longer available

DPU550 Upgrade Kit - DPU550 Upgrade Kit
All of the components necessary to convert a Lite board into a fully populated board

PLEASE NOTE ! - This kit is mainly small surface mount components.

  No longer available
dpu-550-full-assembled 0 DPU550 Fully Populated and Programmed   No longer available
  DPU550 Repair Service
Since the DPU550 is a component it can be supplied fully assembled, so the repair service applies to a DRO350 with DPU550 fitted.
Please order the relevant DRO350 kit, and a finished DPU550 ( fully populated boards will be available in a few weeks )
An additional invoice will be raised if extra parts are required to repair kits returned with problems.
---- None left to assemble - see DRO550
 DPU550 Users Guide

Construction guide including a set of schematics and a copy of the users guide for the DPU550
A version of the manual including the DRO350 assembly details will be released later. DPU550 Schematic

---- Please download from the website.