Shumatech DRO550 Prices

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 12 Oct 2020 (15:20 UTC)

The DRO550 board itself is only available direct from Shumatech as Scott is selling at at his cost. Because the board is fully surface mount, it is impractical to carry it as a bare board and supply as a kit. It is virtually impossible to assemble manually since many of the components are too small to handle without a pick and place machine. Currently Scott has a small number of boards in stock which he is supplying complete with all the convetional components and an overlay. The DRO350 also remains available from stock here while the DPU550 is almost sold out.

Paypal adds carriage, but does not get it right so we need so adjust things for overseas delivery!

European customers (Non-UK addresses) are requested to add 'European Insured Delivery' (next to last item) for tracked delivery.

Overseas shipments ordering a kit add 'Overseas Insured Delivery' (last item) and Paypal should leave the VAT off.
American customers can find the DRO550 extra parts at Wildhorse  Inovations

DRO550 Parts DRO550 Extra Component Kit - UK DRO550 Component Kit
- Please state if Red Or Green LEDs required using extra items right
Component set is RoHS compliant
--- No longer available
DRO550BasicInternal DRO550 Internal Cable Set - UK DRO550 Cable Set
Cable Set will be supplied assembled because of the crimp connections involved
Kit includes Power Cable, RS232 Lead, 3x Mini-din scale leads, Jack socket input lead
--- No longer available
DRO550ExtraInternal DRO550 Extra Internal Cables - UK DRO550 Cable Set
Cable Set will be supplied assembled because of the crimp connections involved
Kit includes 2x Mini-din scale leads, 3x Jack socket input lead
--- No longer available
D9ScaleInternal DRO550 Glass Scale Cable - UK DRO550 Cable Set
Cable for Sino Glass scales with 9 way 'D' connector and jack socket screws.
--- No longer available

Overlay - Laminated ( This is the final-5 version rather than the production one )
This is printed and laminated in the same way as the other MEDW kits. The screen printed DRO350 overlay can be used as an alternative if prefered.
The Shumatech site as the DRO550 printed overlays

--- No longer available
  Enclosure and Mechanical Bits
Unmachined box and mechanical parts to mount the DRO board off the front face.
--- No longer available
DRO350MachinedCase Enclosure and Mechanical Bits Fully Machined
This box has the front machined, and is provided with the mechanical parts needed to mount the board of the front half of the box, leaving the back area totally clear to manage the cables.
Screws for the connectors are included in the various connector kits.
--- No longer available

Boards for the DRO550 are only available from Shumatech via a power buy
For scale options, scale accessories and cables see the Scales page

PSU-9V1A5SM 9V 1.5A Switch Mode Power Pack - Select Mains Lead
PSC-Fig8-UK PSC-Fig8-Euro  PSC-Fig8-USA
--- No longer available
  EXTRA for European Insured Delivery ( International Signed For ) £5.00
  EXTRA for Overseas Insured Delivery
Rest of world outside Europe ( International Signed For )

Shipping will be added to the order up to £10.00 - please add the additional shipping for Europe (outside the UK) or the Rest of the World.
Paypal will produce a total in your prefered currency at the current conversion rate.

Contact me direct for alternative prices, packages, or the additional parts listed in the complete parts list Lester Caine