Taig Mill Spares

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We are looking to add a full range of Taig spares to the online shop, so watch this space. If there is anything in particular you need drop us an email and we will endeavour to sort you out.

TaigConfiguration Variable Speed Spindle --- See page for details
Taig 42mm Spidle Mount with Motor Kress High Speed Spindles


See page for details
Taig1159 3M315 Spindle Drive Belt
£12.00 Out of stock ...
Taig1159 3M500 Lathe Drive Belt
£14.00 Out of Stock
Oldham Coupling Mk2 Insert Taig Mill Oldham Coupling for Stepper Motor
1/4" or 8mm Stepper Motor Shaft
£22.00 Out of stock ...
TaigOldhamSMMount Taig Mill Stepper Motor Mount with Oldham Coupling
(Taig-200-70,71,72 and Coupling)
£55.00 Out of stock ...
TaigFlap All components for overhauling the mill are available ... they have just not made it to the shop yet.
Ring and ask and we can sort out an kit of parts.
TaigLSKit Lead screw bearing set complete with Nylock Nut £3.50 Out of Stock
Taig200-25AKit Y Axis Lead screw complete with adjustable Nut, bearings, key and nylock Nut
(Taig 200-25 + 200-22A)
£44.00 Out of Stock
Taig200-25Kit Z Axis Lead screw complete with adjustable Nut, bearings, key and nylock Nut
(Taig 200-25A + 200-23A)
£46.00 Out of Stock
Taig200-26AKit X Axis Lead screw (long) complete with adjustable Nut, bearings, key and nylock Nut
(Taig 200-26A + 200-22A)
£50.00 Out of Stock
Subplate 1 Aluminium Sub Plate TBA No longer available
TaigMT2Mandrel MT2 Rotary Table mandrel for Taig chucks £28.00 Out of stock ...
Taig1030 4 jaw 3 1/4" dia. chuck 3/4-16 thd mount jaws adjusted independently (reversable heat treated steel jaws)
£87.00 Out of Stock
Taig1140 Drill chuck arbor (3/8-24 thread), attaches Jacobs chucks to Taig headstock spindle
£9.50 Out of Stock
Taig1140ER Drill chuck arbor (3/8-24 thread), For ER spindle 3/8" straight shank
£9.50 Out of Stock
Taig1025 Three jaw self centering chuck, steel body, with reversible soft aluminium jaws
£87.00 Out of Stock
Taig1091 0-1/4" Jacobs drill chuck, commercial quality 3/8-24 thd
£9.00 Out of Stock
Taig1225 Milling vice with handcrank, 2.125" opening x 2" wide (for milling machine only, not lathe milling attachment)
£30.00 Out of stock ...
Taig1040 Taig style collet set, collet closer with 8 collet sizes 1/8,5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,9/32,5/16 and one blank
£24.00 Out of Stock
  Taig style collets are also available singly ... please email    
Taig1042 Taig style collet closer nut
£5.50 Out of Stock
Taig1040ER-4 ER16 collet set, (1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8)
(Taig-1040ER just four sizes)
£26.00 Out of Stock
  ER16 collets are also available singly and in metric sizes ... please email    
Taig1221 3/4-16 chuck adapter, adapts chuck to mill table
£20.00 Out of Stock
Taig1162-0.5 6 step pulley for 1/2" shaft
£11.00 Out of stock
Cutters Cutters We only stock a small range of cutters as requested by customers. If you do not see what you need please ask and we will look to source additional product.    
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