Slowly progressing ....

Lester Caine • 11 Sep 2009 (11:25 UTC)

Things have been a little hectic with all of new bits and pieces coming on line, but there is only a small backlog of orders, waiting on scale cables which are due in any day ( ParcelForce permitting ).

We now have most of the parts for the Shumatech daughter board available, all that remains is some stock of a fully populated board. Shumatech DRO350 Prices

The Electronic Lead Screw package is growing slowly, and the 3Amp stepper driver which complements it, and is available in it's own right as a kit or assembled module.

In addition to the motors we have a growing range of spare parts for the Taig mills. Including a small range of Cutters which we hope to grow over time.

If you do not see something you want, ask, it may well be somewhere in the pipeline ....