Shumatech DRO350 Prices

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Please note that the kits come with a programmed PIC so you do not have to worry about getting the programmer to work. All cables are tested and on the full kits you do not need any extra parts to complete the DRO. Individual parts can be supplied so eMail address at bottom.

Paypal adds carriage, but does not get it right so we need so adjust things for overseas delivery!
European customers (Non-UK addresses) are requested to add 'European Insured Delivery' (next to last item) for tracked delivery.

Overseas shipments ordering a kit add 'Overseas Insured Delivery' (last item) and Paypal should leave the VAT off.
( If you are only ordering boards and/or overlays please add the 'European Insured Delivery' at £6 as the package weight will be less ) American customers can find the DRO350 at Wildhorse  Inovations

dro350 DRO350 PCB --- No longer available
DRO350 Component Kit DRO350 Component Kit - UK DRO350 Component Kit
- Please state if Red Or Green LEDs required and Mill or Lathe Program using extra items right
Component set is RoHS compliant
--- No longer available