MicroMill Extras

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4th%20axis 4th Axis Rotary Table Currently we recommend the Arc Euro Trade Rotary Table which is available ready converted with the same stepper motor as we use for the rest of the Taig CNC kits. The worm is fitted with Needle Roller Thrust Bearings to minimize backlash and may be adjusted for wear in the future. It is also a more practical ( and cheaper ) alternative to the Sherline Taig conversion as it can be mounted on it's back, and also provides an MT2 Bore for additional kit.
5AX Taig 5th Axis Spindle Rotator See cnc_toolkit for details of 5th axis machining on the Taig Mill
Probe03 CNC Probe A digitizing probe is now available from Wildhorse in the States as either a kit, or fully assembled. See it's own shopping page.
Air turb 2 Air Spindle ( We will not be carrying the air powered spindle, but will be happy to assist setting that up if a user requires it)
  See also the general spares page