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With the anouncment from Scott that the DRO350 is dead, we are left in something of a strange position since there are still a large number of boards and kits on the shelf. As well as supporting product such as the QCC100. One thing that needs to be pointed out is that the new board Scott is developing will be quite a bit more expensive than the current bare 350 board given that it will have a lot of electronics already attached to it. So for those people who have a junk box, or access to components via their jobs, the 350 is still a cheap option, and at the current rate of sales, boards will be available for some time. We will also continue to support repair of those boards as well. The recommended 'earth' mode is provided here.

The Daughter Board is also still available as we have taken a quantity from Scott and we are still looking to provide the full version assembled, rather than as a somewhat challenging 'upgrade kit'. For those of you have an existing 350 and are looking to perhaps just upgrading to glass scales, then the 550 lite is a suitable option, and not much more expensive than three QCC kits.

As Scott has also open sourced the DPU550 code base using sourceforge to host the code, we are expecting other alternative solutions to become available. The YADRO has had no development in recent years, and so a 550 based alternative would seem like a sensible move. To that end we are slowly building up a library of material relating to using and programming the ARM7 processor.

Shumatech DRO350 - Shumatech DRO350 Prices

Shumatech DPU550 - Shumatech DPU550 Prices

Shumatech DRO550 Prices for extra parts needed to complete DRO550

DRO550 boxes are being supplied with modification to mount PCB from the front face of the box

In testing the daughter board we have found that the tacho and edge detector inputs can be a little problematic. This applies to the DRO550 as well. So we have come up with a another dongle which fits internally and provides a buffer to the slotted and other open collector type sensors. DRO Tacho Buffer has all the details.

While the DPU550 makes the QCC100 glass scale to Chinese scale convertor redundant - there are still a lot in stock Conversion Dongles

Please be assured that we will continue to provide the support that we have over the last few years as the target products evolve and develop, but don't expect cut price sales any time soon. We have to at least break even, or follow the advise of the accountant and simply shut up shop!